Birdoswald Roman Fort

Taxis, minibuses & tours to Birdoswald Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall

Travel west out of Northumberland into Cumbria, and at Birdoswald you can visit the ruins of the Roman Fort, and see a full-scale model of the Wall, illustrating how it was constructed. Outside the fort, you can walk the longest surviving stretch of Hadrian’s Wall, and if your energy levels need topping up, there’s also an excellent café.

Walk east from Birdoswald — about a mile and a half — to Gilsland, for a pub and pick-up by Go Hadrian’s Wall. Or for a longer walk, head west to Lanercost with its Priory and cafe. Go Hadrian’s Wall have a range of vehicles, and provide flexible travel for any number of people, up to and including groups of 20 or more.

Go Hadrian’s Wall — all the help you’ll need


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