Burgh by Sands

Taxis, minibuses & tours at Burgh by Sands, Hadrian’s Wall

The Roman Wall runs through the pretty village of Burgh by Sands, but we also take you out into the marshes, north of the village, to the spot where one of England’s greatest kings, Edward 1 (1239-1307), died. Following his ruthless treatment of disloyal Scottish subjects, Edward was dubbed the ‘Hammer of the Scots’. However, the ‘Edward 1 Monument’ commemorates his ignominious death from dysentery, in a military encampment out on the bleak marshes of the Solway Firth — ironically, on his way to ‘hammer’ Scotland yet again.

At Go Hadrian’s Wall we take you further than public transport — that’s what we love doing. At Go Hadrian’s Wall we have a range of vehicles, and provide flexible travel for any number of people, up to and including groups of 20 or more.

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