Taxis, minibuses & tours at Heddon-on-the-Wall, Hadrian’s Wall

For those walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path from Wallsend in the east, Heddon-on-the-Wall marks the start of the real Wall walk. Be warned, however: the next ten miles to Stagshaw can feel like a bit of a ‘route march’, walking sometimes rather too close to the 18th century ‘Military Road’ (B6318) — built by General Wade in 1746, with scant regard for archaeology, and effectively obliterating much of the Roman Wall.

Heddon-on-the-Wall may be a good place to stay, or just somewhere you pass through. Either way, at Go Hadrian’s Wall we have a range of vehicles and provide flexible travel for any number of people, taxis up to and including groups of 20 or more, via a minibus or mini-coach.

Go Hadrian’s Wall — avoid the route march


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