Taxis, minibuses & tours at Housesteads, Hadrian’s Wall

With its well-preserved ruins and a great little museum, Housesteads is one of the world’s best-known Roman forts, and a ‘must see’ for most visitors to Hadrian’s Wall. It has featured on many TV travel and history programmes, not least because its exposed site — bitterly cold in winter — reminds us of the tribulations of Roman soldiers often from much warmer climes.

There are full facilities at Housesteads, including a large car park, toilets and a café. Visitors should be aware that the uphill walk from the car park to the site and back is over a kilometre. Go Hadrian’s Wall can provide disabled access to the museum in smaller vehicles.

At Go Hadrian’s Wall we have a range of vehicles, and provide flexible travel for any number of people, up to and including groups of 20 or more.

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