Segedunum Roman Fort

Taxis, Minibuses & Tours at Segedunum Roman Fort, Hadrian’s Wall

Segedunum Roman Fort is significant because it marks the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall, where it meets the River Tyne and the sea. Sadly, walkers won’t see much of the Wall at Wallsend — just old railway tracks, adopted as part of the Hadrian’s Wall Path. If you have time, Segedunum is certainly worth a visit, and students of 19th century industrial archaeology will have a ‘field-day’ as they stroll from Wallsend into Newcastle

Being part of the Tyne & Wear metropolitan area, Segedunum is well served by public transport. If you prefer, Go Hadrian’s Wall can meet you there, drop you there, or include Segedunum as part of a tour.

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