Sycamore Gap

Taxis, minibuses & tours at Sycamore Gap, Hadrian’s Wall

Sycamore Gap — or ‘Robin Hood’s Tree’ as it is popularly known, after the Kevin Costner film — is one of the most iconic sights on Hadrian’s Wall, and probably the most photographed. The sycamore provides the perfect setting, and a particularly spectacular and well-preserved section of the Wall provides the ‘background’ — ascending and descending over some of the steepest sections.

The tree itself is only accessible to walkers, and it is quite a trek to visit. That said, most visitors can get a perfectly good photograph from the comfort of a taxi on the Military Road.

At Go Hadrian’s Wall we have a range of vehicles, and provide flexible travel for any number of people, up to and including groups of 20 or more.

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