Full Day Package Tour

09:00am – 09:30am – Pick up

Collection from your accommodation in Hexham by one of our team, ready for a fun filled day. Lunch will be available from 12:30pm, so we encourage you to indulge in the breakfast options available at your chosen accommodation. Please see the end of the page for hotel & B&B recommendations.


09:45am – Chesters Roman Fort

Enter into the spirit of Roman time at the most complete Roman Cavalry fort in Britain. Discover the wonders kept within the Edwardian Cabinets and lose yourself in the views from the hillside overlooking the once buried Stables and bath house.

 With its well-preserved bathhouse, and stunning riverside location, Chesters Roman Fort is a great introduction to the spirit of the Roman Wall. In the 19th century the landowner decided to cover the ruins to create a level parkland. It was rediscovered in 1832 when the estate was inherited by his son and keen antiquarian John Clayton (1792 – 1890), who proceeded to undo the landscape his father had done and exposed the fort; he also set to build a small museum to house the ruins he and his team had uncovered. The grade II listed museum was opened in 1896 and still has many of the original Edwardian cabinets.

There is a tea room located at the fort where you can sample a traditional Northumberland Stottie cake alongside other locally made treats.


11:00am – Housesteads Roman Fort

Well preserved & fun for all ages with plenty of photo opportunities! Be sure to explore the museum and observe the jewels & tools from when the Romans ruled the land. 

Housesteads Roman Fort is one of the best-known landmarks on Hadrian’s Wall. It boasts well-preserved granaries, iconic Latrines and a small museum full of fascinating Roman artefacts.

The interactive museum houses a mini-cinema as well as an impressive collection of Roman artifacts including jewelry, weapons and tools which were excavated at this very fort. This site offers historical wonders that will appeal to all ages, with the museum also providing an educational aspect for those younger members of the family who will be led by their very own tour guide, Felix. Children can also dress up as a real Roman soldier for pictures by the fort.


12:30pm – Lunch  


You can choose between a packed picnic lunch, or if the weather’s bad on what was one of Rome’s most isolated frontiers, we will stop at the reassuringly comfortable Twice Brewed Inn for some hearty home-cooked food. With an extensive pub-grub menu they offer something for everyone, as well as on-site brewed real ale. The Twice Brewed inn stands in the shadows of the Steel rig, which is without doubt one of the most dramatic parts of Hadrian’s wall.




13:15 – Vindolanda

Walk over and into the remains of the bathhouses, shop’s and even the pub to gain a vivid sense of what life was like. With ongoing archaeological excavations, you may witness history being discovered before your very eyes. Marvel at the leather items within the museum which have been preserved and displayed with such care. 

One of the most important Roman sites in the world, Vindolanda. It has on-going archaeological excavations which have uncovered numerous Roman artefacts, many of which are in remarkably good condition. These include leather shoes, boxing gloves, a wooden toilet seat and the famous Vindolanda writing tablets which give us a glimpse back to nearly 2000 years ago. The artefacts can all be viewed in the Vindolanda museum, often known as Chesterholm museum.

Vindolanda lies just south of Hadrian’s Wall on the Stanegate – the earlier Roman Road running east-west across northern Britain. It provides a fascinating introduction to both the Wall itself and to the Roman occupation as a whole, estimated to have been inhabited from 85 AD until 370 AD.


15:30 – Steel Rigg and Sycamore Gap

Visit the most iconic tree in Britain & channel your inner Robin Hood. 

The Sycamore tree is of the most photographed trees in Britain. It is the tree popularly known as ‘Robin Hood’s Tree’, after the 1991 Kevin Costner film, Robin Hood: ‘Prince of Thieves’. The Roman’s weren’t the only people to leave a mark on this landscape, there is evidence of a bronze-age boundary wall line not too far South from the gap, suggesting the area was used long before the Romans ruled.

Along the path of the Steel Rigg, the footpaths feature some short, sharp ascents so suitable footwear is essential, especially when it’s muddy!


16:00 – Roman Army Museum

Visit an award winning tribute into Roman life in a dramatically authentic setting. The 3D holographic classroom and virtual teacher Velius Longus is sure to wow and amaze. The three galleries; The Empire Gallery, The Hadrian room and The daily life room bring to life the trials and tribulations of the time.

A fitting end to your day, where you can learn how – with its well-drilled military machine – mighty Rome conquered all before it.

Within the museum’s three galleries, you can vividly imagine life on Hadrian’s Wall for soldiers from many parts of the Roman Empire. The 3D holographic classroom is a wonder in itself where you can interact with Velius Longus, the Roman Teacher, who will entertain with his lessons in Latin, Maths & morals!

To finish the day off, you can head to the on-site gift shop where you can buy items made from the wood excavated from Vindolanda as well as replica Roman brooches, replica writing tablets and much more. The gift shop also accepts donations to help them continue to excavate, conserve, research and educate.


1700 – The gentle drive back

Reminisce on your day as you retrace your steps and take the opportunity to photograph more of the stunning Northumbrian scenery, rest your feet and warm up as we drive you back to your accommodation in time for dinner, before you head to bed – perhaps to dream of your fantastic Roman adventure!

                  All of this starting from only £289 – there’s only one way to Go Hadrian’s Wall


This price excludes food & site admission fee