Half Day Package Tour


Well preserved & fun for all ages with plenty of photo opportunities! Be sure to explore the museum and observe the jewels & tools from when the Romans ruled the land. 

Built in 124 AD, the auxiliary fort is a well-preserved ruin with an on-site museum. The interactive museum houses a mini-cinema which showcases a journey back over 2,000 years to when the Roman’s ruled the land. There are also authentic Roman belongings and artifacts including; jewelry, weapons and tools which were all excavated at this very fort. This site offers historical wonders that will appeal to all ages and the museum also provides an educational aspect for those younger members of the family – with their very own tour guide, Felix. There’s also the option for children to dress up as a real Roman soldier and have their pictures taken by the fort. There is also a play area available if the kid’s just want to burn off some steam. The museum is fully wheelchair accessible however the Fort is at the top of a sloping hill and can be difficult to access for anyone with mobility issues.

Said to be the inspiration for George R. R. Martin’s ice wall in Game of Thrones, Hadrian’s wall has also been the setting for many television shows and films, such as; ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks, Vera and Macbeth. The most filmed and well-known location being Houstead’s fort, owing to it being so well preserved.

The visitors centre is only a 10 minute, picturesque walk from Housesteads, where you can relax with a hot drink and home-made snack – or an ice cream, depending on the weather!



Visit the most iconic tree in Britain & channel your inner Robin Hood. With ongoing archaeological excavations, you may witness history being discovered before your very eyes. 

Vindolanda lies just south of Hadrian’s Wall on the Stanegate – the earlier Roman Road running east-west across northern Britain. It provides a fascinating introduction to both the Wall itself and to the Roman occupation as a whole. It is estimated to have been under Roman occupancy from 85 AD until 370 AD.

The site includes ongoing archaeological excavations. In 2017 two boxing gloves were discovered which were very similar in structure to those used in modern day. They are presumed to have been worn during sport activities and not battles. Many other interesting objects have been uncovered at Vindolanda including a wooden toilet seat, found in 2014. This perfectly preserved seat was found in waterlogged soil, before this finding, it was believed that all 1st century latrine’s consisted of a long marble bench built on top of stone.

The museum at this part of the wall, often known as Chesterholm museum, has on display some of the Vindolanda writing tablets, the oldest surviving handwritten documents ever to be found in Britain. It also displays vivid re‑imaginings of life at the edge of the Roman Empire and a reconstructed section of the Wall itself.

One mile from Vindolanda is the world famous Sycamore tree featured in the 1991 blockbuster, Robin Hood: ‘Prince of Thieves’, featuring Kevin Costner. You can choose to walk here or if you decide to visit the Roman Army Museum with us we can drive you there, or to some of the other well-known landmarks along the wall.



Visit an award winning tribute into Roman life in a dramatically authentic setting. The 3D holographic classroom and virtual teacher Velius Longus is sure to wow and amaze. The three galleries; The Empire Gallery, The Hadrian room and The daily life room bring to life the trials and tribulations of the time.

The Roman Army Museum is a sister site to Vindolanda. It’s ‘saver’ ticket allows you to visit both sites. You can do this on separate days if you prefer.

The exhibits bring to life the history of Roman military might within it’s three galleries, allowing you to vividly imagine life on Hadrian’s Wall for soldiers from many parts of the Roman Empire. The 3D holographic classroom is a wonder in itself, where you can interact with the site’s Roman teacher, Velius Longus, who promises to entertain with his lessons in Latin & maths.